Ontario Structured Psychotherapy
Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

On March 3, 2020, the government announceOntario Structured Psychotherapy Programd a $20 million investment in 2020 to launch Ontario Structured Psychotherapy. This program will build on the work done over the last three years by four regional network hubs who delivered the IASP program.

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy is a program funded by the Government of Ontario to provide individuals who are experiencing depression and/or anxiety (including obsessive-compulsive concerns and post-traumatic stress) with access to free cognitive behavioural therapy services. 

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy includes both higher and lower intensity services. In this model, “intensity” refers to the level of therapist contact. Most clients will begin treatment in low-intensity (such as telephone coaching with workbooks) and be “stepped up” to high-intensity services, if needed. Some low-intensity services are for adults and youth age 15+; high-intensity psychotherapy is only available for adults age 18+. A referral from a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) is preferred to access the service.

In North Simcoe Muskoka, the program is being delivered in a wide-range of settings, including primary care, community mental health, at Waypoint Centre, and family services agencies.

CBT is a structured, time-limited therapy that is problem-focused and goal-oriented, and teaches practical strategies and skills. 

The program is intended to increase access for all eligible individuals including Indigenous peoples and people who identify as Francophone. 

Who is eligible?
Individuals 15 years or older (low-intensity services) or 18 years or older (high-intensity psychotherapy) with a primary presenting concern of anxiety and/or depression. There are also a number of eligibility/suitability criteria for the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program. Please review the eligibility and suitability criteria before submitting a referral, which are listed on the first page of the Referral Form. 

How to refer a client to the program?
A referral from a primary care provider (family doctor or nurse practitioner) is preferred to access the service.

Please fax the Referral Form to the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Clinical Access Coordination Team based at Waypoint: 705-549-7330.

What happens after the referral is submitted?
Upon receipt of a referral, the client will be contacted by telephone to gather additional information for screening purposes. If, following that screening, it is determined that Ontario Structured Psychotherapy may be appropriate for the individual, the client will be booked for an appointment for a Clinical Intake and Triage assessment that will be done over the telephone and will take approximately 60-90 minutes. This assessment will determine whether Ontario Structured Psychotherapy is a good fit for the client’s needs, and if so, whether the client should receive high or low intensity to start. The client's status will be shared with the referring provider and, if Ontario Structured Psychotherapy cannot meet the client’s needs, then more appropriate services will be recommended, if possible. 

Contact Information
  Tel: 1-877-341-4729 ext. 2883
  Fax: 705-549-7330
  Email: OSP@waypointcentre.ca

Partners in the Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program

Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program Partners