About Medications

Learn about your medication(s)

Your medication(s) is an important part of your overall treatment at Waypoint. Learn all you can about your medication, how it works, when to take it, how best to take it and how to store it. 

Medication Safety 5 Questions to Ask


Different medications work better for different people, know what to expect from your medication(s), talk to your treatment team if you feel the medication isn't working correctly or you experience unexpected side effects.


Inform the treatment team of any past allergies or symptoms you've experienced with either food or medications (which include any vitamins, or herbal products or products you can buy over the counter).


The Pharmacist works closely with the treatment team to assist you with any drug related questions you may have - just ask.

To speak with a Waypoint pharmacist call 705-549-3181 or email pharmacy@waypointcentre.ca

Waypoint's Position Statement on Medical Marijuana