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Visiting a patient

Important Information on COVID-19

Beginning November 15th, all visitors, designated essential caregivers and others coming to the hospital will need to provide proof of vaccination along with photo identification, or provide documentation they have been granted a provincially recognized medical exemption from a physician or nurse practitioner. There will be some limited exceptions such as palliative situations. 

While we recognize the important role visitors have on the well-being of patients we also must ensure Waypoint is as safe as possible for patients, staff and visitors. Please know that that this decision was made with extensive consultation and consideration for issues of equity, fairness and ethical concerns. As one of the hardest-hit regions during this pandemic and because of the proven effectiveness of the vaccine against this virus and its variants, we encourage everyone eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

As with all hospitals, vaccination is not a condition to receive care at Waypoint. 

Each patient is permitted two (2) visitors at a time. Visits continue to be by appointment only and must be scheduled at least 72 hours in advance. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, virtual visits are always available. 

Visitors are subject to the same screening and PPE requirements as staff. Only commercially prepared pre-packaged food is able to be brought to the hospital and it cannot be consumed while visitors and patients are together.

To book visit or for more information, please contact the hospital at 705.549.3181 or 1.877.341.4729 and speak a member of the care team.

Masks and Eye Protection
Masks and eye protection are required for everyone. Only surgical/procedural masks and eye protection provided by the hospital are allowed. Home-made or external masks are not permitted as we cannot ensure the quality, cleanliness or use of appropriate hygiene practices for these products which, if not done properly, may pose an additional risk to patients and staff. 


Deliveries for patients are permitted and do not require quarantine.

Due to COVID 19 all-volunteer programs are temporarily suspended. We are not accepting and/or processing new volunteer applications until volunteer operations resume. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Program Updates

Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders
In an effort to physically distance inpatients, the hospital made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend the Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders. We know this has been challenging for people who need these services to get well. The hospital is aware of ongoing alternate level of care (ALC) challenges and other system pressures including access to acute mental health beds.

After reviewing various recommendations by a hospital working group, we were planning to re-establish nine concurrent disorders beds in January 2021. However, as case numbers increase across the province, and hospitals face outbreaks and high occupancy with ICU capacity as high as 115 %, Waypoint is preparing to operationalize surge plans within 48 hours notice from Ontario Health. 

This move has required us to delay the resumption of the Georgianwood concurrent disorders inpatient beds until the concern for hospital capacity is understood. While we are disappointed in this delay, it is necessary to meet the demand of the entire health care system. We will be regularly reassessing this to be able to resume these services as soon as possible.

Rehabilitation Services 
We are working to bring back off-unit Rehabilitation Services where possible and our team has been working with patients to gather their feedback on the types of activities they'd like to participate in. 

Paid Parking
Paid parking is in effect at Waypoint. Visitors remain exempt from paid parking however are required to park in the marked Visitor Parking spaces available on the campus (
see map). Visitor Parking spaces are marked in green. Parking Lot A has the largest number of visitor spots so this may be where you want to check first. You do not require a tag if you are in a Visitor Parking space

If you arrive at Waypoint and all Visitor parking spots across the campus are in use, please visit security staff at the Toanche building main desk to obtain a visitor parking tag to display in your vehicle. 

Contacting Waypoint

705 549-3181 or toll free 1 877 341-4729
  * Confidential patient/client information requests: ext. 2597 /
     Fax 705.549.3778
  * Communications and Fund Development: ext. 2073 /
     info@waypointcentre.caThis email is for general info or media
     inquiries only
  * Human Resources:
  * For more information on video visiting, or to schedule a video visit,
     please email

Getting to Waypoint
  * Directions by car
  * Coming by bus - 
The Midland / Penetanguishene transit stops right in front
     of Waypoint's main entrance. For more information on this service including
     hours of operation, please visit: 
  Town of Midland website
  Town of Penetanguishene website

Food and Beverage

The Bay Café is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday serving a variety of hot food choices, a salad bar and daily soup options. We also offer two canteen outlets, one in the Administration Building and one in the Atrium Building for your convenience. As the hours vary in both sites, it is recommended you speak with the treatment team.

Photography on our grounds

Waypoint’s location on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay makes it an ideal place to take pictures; however, protecting patient privacy is one of our highest priorities and we ask that you also respect the privacy of those around you. Prior permission must be obtained from Waypoint's Communications staff before any photography, audio or video, including drones, can take place on any Waypoint property or building. Consent, verbal and written, must also be obtained from the people who will be included in all photos, video or audio. 

You may be asked to stop taking a photo, video or audio recording and delete any recordings taken if you do not have prior approval or if your actions interfere with care or services being provided. 

For inquiries regarding photography, video or audio, including drones, please contact Communications and Fund Development at or 705.549.3181, ext. 2073. 

Waypoint is a scent sensitive and tobacco-free hospital. Staff and visitors are asked to avoid scented aftershave lotions, hairsprays, or other scented personal
products while at work. Scented products contain chemicals that can cause serious problems for people with asthma, allergies, migraines and environmental illness. 


The Gift Shop
Waypoint's Gift Shop is located in the lobby and open to the public. It is volunteer-run and the hours vary. All proceeds go to patient programming and activities.