Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders

Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders - Virtual Program

     Georgianwood Program Virtual Program Flyer      
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The Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders – Virtual Program has implemented a 100% virtual / remote program that offers evidence-based treatments to individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of mental illness and substance use. 

The Georgianwood Virtual Program consists of a multidisciplinary team that provide low-intensity concurrent disorders treatment to individuals living in the community, while reserving high-intensity care for individuals in need of inpatient treatment to the in-person Georgianwood Program for Concurrent Disorders* (GPCD) at the Waypoint site in Penetanguishene, Ontario. 
*Please note that the GPCD inpatient program remains
  closed at this time due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

The Georgianwood Virtual Program is designed for individuals with:  
  * Mild to moderate mood or anxiety disorders
  * Mild to moderate substance use disorder
  * Motivation for change 
  * The ability to commit to up to 3 hours a week for treatment
  * The physical/private space to participate
  * Some form of technology to access services (phone or ideally computer with internet access)

The Georgianwood Virtual Program allows clients the opportunity to access specialized services from their home, while still being able to maintain their everyday commitments. 

The program takes a phased approach that has been designed to meet the needs of the client. The phased approach will allow clients the opportunity to access between 6 and 18 weeks of specialized treatment, depending on their current needs. 

Clients accepted into this program will have the opportunity of having up to 3 therapeutic sessions with skilled clinicians each week.

Individuals accepted into the virtual program may have access to:
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy skills (DBT)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills (CBT)
Psychoeducation about concurrent disorders
SMART Recovery
Relapse Prevention Skills Training and Addiction Recovery Skills
Psychiatric Consultation